Greens Update 14th February 2020

Dear Member

This is the first update giving you a progress report on the course, these updates will be issued periodically and will be compiled by Sam Knox, his team and Bruce Gilpatrick.

We have just come through the wettest autumn in the last 30 years which stalled our winter works schedule and closed the course on numerous occasions.

Drainage and bunker refurbishment were the 2 main focuses this winter, the soakaways on the 2nd fairway and  3rd front bunker have been renovated, drainage laid around the 16th tee area, to the right hand 7th  greenside bunker and a drain located between the 10th and 13th allowing new drainage from the 13th green and new bunker. We would like to thank Lee Telfer one of our members, who has helped Sam and the team identify problem areas and establish new drainage channels. Lee’s expertise in this field will hopefully over time assist with various areas where we have issues with drainage.

Bunkers have been re styled on the 1st 18th 13th and 10th greens with a roll over banks, it is hoped weather permitting to complete the 6th greenside bunkers as well. New sand has been purchased, the “Mansfield” sand is used by numerous local clubs including Close House and will initially be used to replenish the renovated bunkers as well as the bunkers on the 4th and 5th. These bunkers will be classed as ground under repair, play prohibited, until the start of season to allow compaction of the new sand prior to use. Rakes, or the loss of them, continues to be a problem and until a solution is found we will continue to ask members and guests to take one per group when they tee off.

We hope to complete the extension of the 13th tee box, moving both the Ladies and Gents tees forward to create a signature hole guarded by the newly formed horseshoe bunker in due course.

Greens continue to be treated with “Turfcares’ winter package” which helps to prevents disease and keeps the greens healthy during the winter months. The greens will be top dressed with a sand-based dressing as soon as the weather allows. All tees have had granular fertilizer applied to encourage growth.

The STRI (Sports Turf Research Institute) have been re-appointed to provide expert advice especially with regards to the greens, their report is available throughout the clubhouse and on our website (via the club v1 system), as will be future reports. Their advice will be used as our blueprint going forward to improve the course.

In April this year under the advice of the STRI we will be doing a deep scarification on all greens with a grading machine, to remove organic matter and then top dress ready for the new season.

Work on the 10th and 12th greens will be carried out throughout the season to further improve their playability and we are planning to carry out extensive work on the 15th green at the end of the season.

For regular updates please use our new Instagram account page #westerhopegolfclub where Sam and his team have put a few photos of the work they are doing on the course.


Greens Committee

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